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How to Add a Listing


 Register – (Register where it says “Welcome, visitor! [ Register | Login ] in the black bar at the top of the page)

Create UsernamePlease use the name of your business (camp/school) as your username .  This will help us identify your account in our system.  Then enter your email address.  You will receive a password in your email box.  Copy/paste your password to log back in.

Log-in – Enter username (name of business) and the password which you received via email. (Passwords can be changed after initial log-in.)

Complete the “User Profile” section first before posting your ad –  Click on the “Profile” link.  This information will show in the “Poster” section located above the map.  The “Poster” will provide information on your business/camp, who posted the ad, a brief description, and a link to your website.  This section also helps identify and link up businesses that have multiple camp listings on file.  (Please upload your camp or school “logo” where it says “user photo” as indicated for this section.)



1)  Click on “Post an Ad” – on the menu bar.

2)  Select a category and location.

3)  Complete your posting –  All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.   Enter as much info as you like.  If your “rate/class” information is too detailed to list, please refer people to your website for more info.  (i.e. – See website for more information on rates and/or classes).

4)  Photos – The first photo that is uploaded will be used as your primary image and also as the “Feature Listing” photo (optional), so make sure this is your preferred image (square or horizontal photos work best).  Up to 8 images (photos/graphics) may be added to your listing. Images can be no larger than 1,024k.  “Featured” photos work best as a 300 x 300.  You can also use descriptive text for each photo.  (Please use the name of your camp/business for the first primary photo.)

5)  Featured Listing – Check the “Featured Listing” box (located on the payment page) if you would like your listing to appear in the slider box at the top of the main page. (See our “FAQ” section for more information on Featured Listings)

6)  TAG Words – A “TAG” is essentially a keyword used to describe your camp or your camps activities.  TAGS will help your camp’s viability when visitors search our site.  TAGS should be separated with commas and without quotes.  (i.e.  baseball, swimming, summer camp, day camp, Baltimore, etc.)  The more descriptive tags, the better!

7)  Review your listing – Read our rules and guidelines for Maryland-SummerCamps.Com

8)  Continue to the PayPal page – You do not need a PayPal account to use this service.  PayPal accepts bank transfers, debit cards and major credit cards.  PayPal will send you a receipt.  To pay by check, continue with your posting to the payment page and click “cancel and return to Maryland Summer Camp Directory“. Your listing will be received, and we will send you mailing instructions.  Your listing will go live (pending approval) after payment is received.  For all other inquires and invoice requests, please use our contact page.

*See our FAQ section for pricing and details.

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